About MPD Community Credit Union


Our purpose is to encourage savings among our members and provide them with low cost loans and other services at the most reasonable rate allowed.


In 1966, Johnnie Griggs, Jr., Charles N. Kimbrough, David F. Bruce, Jr., Charles E. Hay, Tillman A Fox, L. T. Dickens, Mildred M. Arnold, and Ernest W. Castleman subscribed their names and addresses in order to form the MPD Employees Credit Union.  M. A. Bryan, Superintendent of Banks for the State of Tennessee, signed the charter on November 7, 1966. The original office was located at 110 Public Square. 

At some point, the credit union moved first to the 3rd floor of the Criminal Justice Center and then to the basement. In 1999, a branch was opened at the South Station Precinct.  In May of 2000, the credit union moved to the Realtors Building located at 306 Gay Street.  Also in 2000, significant growth occurred as the Tennessee Department of Financial Institutions granted a “Streamlined” field of membership for the credit union. This allowed the offering of services to small businesses with 100 or less employees without access to another credit union.

In May of 2005, Kevin Lavender, then Commissioner for the Tennessee Department of Financial Institutions, granted the credit union a community charter, and the name was changed to “MPD Community Credit Union”. In 2006, the Board of Directors and Management began a diligent search for property in Davidson County on which to build a main office.  This search continued for two years, until, in December of 2008, two plots of land on Old Lebanon Road in the Donelson area were purchased.  The plots were combined, resulting in the address of 2711 Old Lebanon Road.  Construction began in February and the staff moved into the beautiful new building in August of 2009.

Over the years, the credit union has continued to develop its size and services to function as our members’ primary financial institution.